Gridfinity's Internet of Things

Gridfinity's ecosystem utilizes a fault tolerant bandwidth hardened decentralized blockchain to manage access via cryptographically bound IPv6 network addresses with Zero configuration that works along with your existing VPN.

Gridfinity's ecosystem's public-key cryptographic address allocation works along with your existing VPN even when is device is moved.

Most of your computer traffic and network devices are at the mercy of your ISP who can inspect, manipulate, intercept, and redirect your traffic as they see fit.

Gridfinity's ecosystem can dynamically allocate resources and routing thus enabling the next generation IoT by providing a topologically consistent decentralized mesh network.

Gridfinity's Decentralized Mesh Network

Your Own Personal Cloud Unit On The PKT Network.

Personal cloud unit preregistered as a certificate authority with signed software that can orchestrate their own cloud rocket launcher, Linux container docker image, and more.

Grid Cloud orchestration subscriptions with everything you need to run your own cloud using the PKT network.

  • Low power device, 12V @ 2A (10W average draw)
  • High performance - Quad-core 64-bit, up to 1.6GHz
  • Silent, fan-less, conductive cooling design
  • 4GB ECC DRAM, 30GB Flash
  • High speed 802.11ac/a/b/g/n networking
  • Expandable storage for edge computing tasks
  • Pre-loaded with cloud management dashboard